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1. Create a “List of People to Shoot”

I usually employ this tip when photographing most weddings. The reason is simple: you usually do not want to get the photos back to the couple and realizing that you forgot to take a picture of the couple with a very important member of their family. Or perhaps an uncle of theirs who sponsored majority of the wedding.

It is always important to ask the couple ahead of time about who they will like to take pictures with and who is really important not to miss out.

2.Choose Wedding Photography Family Coordinator

Mehn!! This is usually the most stressful part of the wedding photography sessions. This is due to the fact that getting family members all in one place is not that easy. They are always grossly involved in one part of the wedding event or the other. It is usually best to get a family member nominated by the couple or better still, from each side of the family who can basically just act as the “Executive Director ” of the shoot. People like these are the most important to you, because they can easily persuade people to either come on the shoot scene or leave as desired by you, who is the photographer.

3. Be prepared.

In wedding photography, preparation is key! It is tantamount to having a good time out at the wedding, with you being the official photographer of the day! A lot can go wrong on the day – so you should be prepared ahead of time. When it comes to rainy season, weather is so unpredictable. So always have a backup plan. I need not tell you at this juncture, that you should always have extra batteries charged, memory cards wiped or blank.

All these should be done before the day. And a night before, or on the day of the wedding, ensure you have found out what the plan is from the couple. Ask them about how the movement is going to be like, the car to follow just in case you are not there with your own car, where the couple’s hotel is and a host of other things.

4. Find out what the Couple expects from you.

Setting expectations is really essential to the couple, as well as to you. It is always good to know what they would like to achieve. You already have an idea that you are taking infinite shots, but that still doesn’t undermine the fact that you can ask them what special or specific things do they want captured or recorded as the case may be.

Find out if a dance or performance has been planned ahead of time. You obviously do not want to be confused when surprise dance or performances are going on.

5. Shoot a lot of Details! Details and Details!!!

I would make mention of two types of details here: Small details and Big details.

Small details are such as the diamonds on the bride’s wedding gown, the texture of the suit, the rings, the name on the bride’s shoe and so on. While big wedding details refer to the wide angle view of things. It could be an overview of the hall just before the wedding guests have arrived, a birds eye view of the exterior of the hall, the church sitting arrangement, the shoes being worn by thee grooms men and so on.

You really need to give the album an extra dimension. Set your album designs in such a way that they are very noticeable. These details will make you look like a pro.

6. Consider using Two Cameras

I would like to say prestissimmo, that you should try, beg, steal or even borrow a second camera. Make sure one of the cam is fitted with a wide angle lens such as a 70-200mm. I recommend this a lot of times. And the other camera, you can fit in a prime lens of about 50mm F1.4.

7. Consider using a Second Photographer

A second shooter is very essential, but if you are a machine, you can do without it. It is always a good strategy to employ. Asides the fact that the second photographer can get shots that you miss, it is always good to have your job details well spelt out. You can tell him ahead of time, to focus on the guests while you focus on the couple as well as the couple’s family. Whatever the case, always try to plan well with your second photographer.

8. Be confident. Exude confidence.

Don’t feel too shy to take some shots. People will be funny, they would even attempt to teach you your job. Speak out, control the situation, Let them know you are th best man for this job and as a matter of fact, let them know you are the Photographer in charge. Besides if they were this good, they would be standing in your stead, holding the camera. Being that as it may, do not command. Do not speak arrogantly at some elders or family members. That can make them lash out at you, in the presence of hundreds of people. And you know the bad side to this? You wouldn’t be able to

9. Display your shots at the reception

Actually one of the great things about this digital photography of ours is the immediacy of it as a medium. More and more photographers are doing this by the day. It is becoming more and more of a TRADITION to showcase pictures on a screen while at the wedding. LIVE!!! Pictures taken earlier in the day can be showcased at the reception as a slideshow during the evening.

10. Shoot in RAW. Avoid JPEGS

I have always heard this myself, when I started photographing wedding years back. I usually do not see the need to shoot in raw until I started doing so and the difference; I tell you is unquantifiable. Asides the flexibility you get when you shoot in raw, during post processing, manipulations are infinite. Lighting problems is best corrected when you shoot in raw and then, put in a very good post processing software like Lightroom.

11. Have fun.

Weddings are fun, and as interesting as they sound, it is very easy to get lost. You discover that you are too focused trying to get people’s happiness and in the end, you end up feeling so weary, uninteresting. Have all the fun, dance like you own the party towards the tail end of the show. Let everyone know how much fun of a photographer you are and in the end, it would have been yet another fun-filled wedding in the kitty.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I would like to hear from you what your challenges are. ‘Use the comment form below.