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There have been countless world records broken for every genre, and photography technology has grown at an exponential rate the past decades. Because of this, new world records are achieved every day. Take a look at our 20 world records for photography in 2012 for these will surely be broken again in years to come!

Photography World Records

  • The world’s largest photo mosaic featured 176,175 pictures.
  • The world’s largest photo ever taken was 70 Billion pixels in Budapest, Hungary.
  • The world’s largest photo ever taken of the galaxy captured 84 million stars, and would stretch 30×23 feet if printed at Newspaper-resolution.
  • The world’s largest photo ever taken of Earth was 121-megapixels by Russian Weather Satellite.
  • The world’s smallest object ever photographed was the shadow of an atom.
  • The world’s largest collection of pictures is Facebook with over 70 billion photos uploaded per year.
  • The world’s longest daily photograph streak was 5,845 days. A father took a picture of his daughter’s life every day from when she was born until her 16th birthday.
  • The World’s oldest surviving photograph is from January 1st, 1827, and is currently in the Gernsheim Collection at the University of Texas.

Camera World Records

  • The world’s fastest camera was developed by UCLA and can take 36.7 million frames per second.
  • The world’s most expensive camera was a 1923 Leica that sold for 2.8 Million dollars in 2012.
  • The world’s largest camera lens was a 5200mm lens attached to a canon.
  • The world’s oldest camera is a Daguerreotype, selling for around 700,000 euro.

Miscellaneous Photography Records

  • Most people tagged in a single photo is 7,053 in the United Kingdom in 2012.
  • Most times tagged in a Facebook photo was 8,771.
  • Most Facebook Albums is Francine Recierdo who has 800 albums.
  • The world’s Largest Photo shoot of people wearing Bikinis was 3,090 in 2011.
  • The world’s largest photo album by dimensions was 13 ft 11.5 in x 17 ft.
  • The world’s largest photo exhibition was in July 2010 and displayed 141,822 photos.
  • The world’s largest digital photo exhibition took place in Mexico and consisted of 115,117 photos.
  • The world’s largest photo competition had 168,208 entries. The competition theme was monumental buildings in Europe.

Longest Line of Photographs – Guinness Book of World Records

The longest line of photographs is 3,786.56 m (12,423 ft 0.87 in) was achieved by Accenture Solutions Private Limited India, Advanced Technology Centers in India, Ananth Vedagarbham (all India) and Niranjan B Srinivasan (USA) in Bengaluru, India on 21 February 2019.

The photographs were displayed in the Accenture office in Bengaluru and photos were mainly of Accenture’s people performing as part of their internal myPassion program across India.

Longest Line of Photographs - Guinness Book of World Records tonydoo visuals

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