21 Reasons To Join Tonydoo Visuals Photography School in Lagos [UPDATED]


These are more than enough reasons to join our Photography School in Lagos for your Photography Training and Photography Classes in Lagos.

  1. Ranked #1 Photography School in Lagos Nigeria- as seen on Google, we are No. 1 Photography School in Nigeria because of our Style of Teaching, Quality Lectures and practicals, student testimonials, teacher-student relationship, photography equipments etc
  2. 4 weeks of Intensive photography Training– more than enough time to learn photography
  3. 6 months to 12 months of mentorship after your classes- we take you by the hand to ensure you build a brand, grow and develop your creativity
  4. Cameras and lighting equipment available to work and practice with
  5. 99% practicals- we start with practicals even from the first day in class.
  6. An invitation for the Unseen LAGOS Documentary Project. Lagos Biggest Documentary Photography  Project- www.theunseenlagos.com.ng
  7. How to Build a Brand on Social Media- Social Media is the go-to platform for any serious business in 2021 and so we have created the step by step hack and strategies to help you in building your photography brand in 2021
  8. Cameras and Choosing the Right Lenses- You will be able to know the difference between lenses and their uses, the types of lenses, what to look out for before buying lenses this will prevent you from spending or wasting money on lenses that you don’t need or that you may never really need
  9. Composition in Photography
  10. Editing with Adobe Photoshop
  11. Editing in Adobe Lightroom
  12. Apps and softwares to use in Photo or Image Editing
  13. – you do not always need your laptop to edit your pictures. You can add some creative effects, edit photos, add filters, add presets and create cinematic effects right from your smartphones.
  14. Lighting- the single and most important element in photography is lighting. If you don’t understand  lighting you can never be a great photographer. You will sadly remain at the same point. Lighting is what distinguishes a great photographer from a mediocre photographer.
  15. Retouching – Frequency Separation Techniques of skin retouching is the bane of many photographers. Even when you take a good picture, if you can not edit it properly in frequency separation, you are a poor photographer.
  16. Softwares for editing- you will walk you through the editing with Adobe Photoshop.
  17. Lightroom- how do you correct your picture when you have poor lighting. Or the sun happens to be too much in your pictures? Here is where Lightroom comes into play. You will be learning that too. Lightroom can take your picture from zero to ninety (0-90)
  18. Lekki Phase 1- our environment is so cozy, conducive, AC fitted, spacious,with state of the art equipment,
  19. VIDEO EDITING – Videos are pictures in motion. You are not only learning photography you would also be learning Video editing.
  21. Conducive Learning Atmosphere
  22. Experienced Training Facilitators

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