Reviews of #TheUnseenLagos 7.0 – [December 27, 2020] The Official Lagos Documentary Testimonials Project.

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Post your experiences

As the memories from #TheUnseenLagos is still fresh in our heads, help us explain your experience in the comment form below so we can put it up on Google. Thank you my people!

Remember to make it very detailed. Include every detail about the experience from start to finish. Lol. Have fun and express yourself to the fullest.

  • This was the most amazing experience in lagos state so far, fun educative and thought provoking ! I was inspired and intrigued by the magnanimity of what Nigeria used to be! It is an experience I would love have over and over and over again! The best tour guide and the best people ! I surely had fun and would be looking Forward to UNSEEN LAGOS 8.0, but wait!!!! Can’t we have 7.5 ………. I duff my hat to the organizers. Standing ovation!!!!

  • It was my first time and I had fun, I met people, played games, it’s fun seeing the beauty diversity in people, ALTHOUGH, I wish we went more places, hopefully the next edition we have ample time for all. It was worth it 🤍. Thanks.

  • The unseen Lagos is such an awesome experience that is enough to end a year prosperously.It entails a lot of lovely and beautiful memories.Every moment of the the Unseen Lagos serves a purpose of increasing one’s knowledge and enthusiasm in seeing some unseen beautiful creatures in Lagos state.My experience is just more than an experience.
    I am just so glad to be among the team.
    Kudos to Tonydoo Visuals academy for this great opportunity 🤝😍🙏

  • It was fun filled and such an exciting experience as always , actually not my first time,I was a part of the the unseenLagos 6.0 ,My highlight of the day was me picking up the award for the Most Promising .Many thanks to the Converner of the movement and organizer of the Awards and Big ups to all other Participants .Looking forward to more of the UnseenLagos.

  • The Unseen Lagos 7.0 was fantabulous, we started at Tonydoo Visuals Studio in Shyllon, and headed to Spar to get food and drinks, we also took pictures. Then we headed to The Place to get lunch.
    Then finally we started our touring from Nigeria Railway Corporation, Ebute Metta at Jaekel’s House, we were told and showed some histories about the place. We were told the building is about 122 years old. We saw how the railway was operated in the olden days, we were showed some places in Jaekel’s house, we also took pictures.
    Then we finally headed to Lekki Conservation Center, LCC. We saw monkeys, fishes in a fish pond. We played games, ate and drank, took pictures and had lots of fun. Yeah we also had an award session.
    After all the fun, we headed home joyfully.

  • # unseen lagos#7.0 was the perfect field trip have ever attended. We started our trip from Spar, then Jaekel house, Ebute metta, I got to know different train equipment, all train stations from iddo to know, the most surprising thing is that Jaekel house is 100+ and still very strong, then we went to lekki conservation center where we had the most fun, we played game, refreshment, awards and so on. To be candid Unseen lagos7. 0 was a fun to tell.

  • The Unseen Lagos 7.0 was Fantabulous, you know 7 stands for Perfect. It was Litty Lit, like The best. It was on a Sunday so like a Holy Ground. We convened at the studio in the morning and took off. You must be wondering If we used a plane because of the word “took off” why not hop on the 8.0 to know. Iykyk.
    Our final destination after our visit to Spar and Jackel museum.. was Lekki Conservation Center. KPK, OPP
    We had fun, saw monkeys, ate, drank had games.
    Too much to say but I leave you with this.
    Hop in the Maserati of the Unseen Lagos 8.0

  • The unseen Lagos 7.0 was very educative. One of the places we visited was the old train station, i thought i new so much about trains but after listening to the tour guide talk about it i realize my time spent on the trip wasn’t a waste. More also, i had fun meeting new people and learning1 or two about photography from them, plus it was fun getting to unwind the stress of the year at the lekki conservation center. All in all, i had a great time

  • It was such an awesome experience!!! Though I had an initial drawback seeing the number of young men and women but the truth is it was a great adventure!!! The time spent, the lessons learned and the experience…..
    WOW!…Seeing the railway and the rich history attached to it will remain indelible in my mind……..

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