Top Photography Schools in Lagos – 2020 Reviews

Looking for a Photography School in Nigeria? Your search ends here. This list contains the best Photography Schools in Lagos Nigeria and their rankings worldwide. A careful selection of The Top Photography Schools in Lagos Nigeria?Before we delve into the meaning of what a Photography School is, it is very expedient to briefly explain what Photography means.

What is Photography?

What is Photography?? This is a completely open ended question and It’s one I ask lots in my classes. For every hundred people I ask, I get a hundred unique answers but the not unusual ones I get are; It’s an art form, It captures memories, it records history, it’s a way of taking pictures a scene and so on.

Of course, it’s all of these things but essentially photography is to seize light. Photography is a science, it was invented through scientist, no longer artists. You need to learn the science or craft of images, then you get innovative with that knowledge. I can inform you now, you might get that fortunate shot, but you won’t be capable of be consistently excellent or constantly creative with out that full manage over the technological know-how of photography.

Top Photography Schools in Lagos – 2020 Reviews

Definition of a Photography School

What is a Photography School?

With so many photography schools to choose from, it can be overwhelming to narrow down your options. That’s why we’ve rounded up a selection of the very best photography schools in Nigeria and Worldwide. We’ll go over everything you need to know about what makes these schools unique, so you can choose the right photography school for you.

How to find Good Photography Schools in Lagos

What to Ask Before Deciding on a Photography School in Nigeria

Comparing Degrees and Programs
Although there are many places to earn a degree in photography, it would be a mistake to think that all photography schools are the same.

Location, degree options, cost and reputation are all things that can make the difference between a fulfilling school experience and a costly venture. With that in mind, it’s important to consider what you really want before choosing a photography program.

You’ll need to take several factors into account in order to make the best decision. Answering the following questions is a good place to start:

Who are the faculty?
Find out if the professors are people you’d be excited to learn from. If they’re working professionals, research the kind of work they’ve done or currently do. Find out if instructors are mostly full time or part time and what the typical student-faculty ratio is. This will give you some idea of how much time, attention and access you have.

Are you willing to relocate to attend school?
If you don’t want to move, then you’ve successfully narrowed your search to local community colleges and universities. Or you might consider looking into schools that offer online photography programs. If you are willing to move to get your photography degree, you may want to consider schools in major cities where there are more job and internship opportunities.

What kind of photography degree is most interesting to you?
There are all kinds of photographers doing all kinds of photography. Some schools just offer a general program and you can develop a specialty, but others actually offer specialized tracks with instructors and programs selected for that specialty—whether you choose to study photojournalism, commercial photography, digital media or any other specialty. If you already know what you’re interested in, check to make sure that the schools you are considering offer the photography courses you’ll need.

How much time are you willing to devote to your education?
Do you want to get through school as quickly as possible? A certificate, diploma or associate’s photography degree program will have you out in the working world in one to two years. A bachelor’s program will last four years, but you’ll also graduate with some liberal arts credits under your belt, which enables you to pursue a graduate degree down the road.

How to identify a perfect Photography School for you

Differences between a Photography School and a Photography Academy

Where to find a Good Photography School in Lagos

Requirements for attending a Photography School

What makes a Good Photography School in Lagos?

Qualities of a Top Photography School

Advantages of attending Good Photography Schools

List of the Best Photography Schools in Nigeria and worldwide

  1. Rhode Island School of Design – New York City

RISD gives a four-year undergraduate BFA and a two-yr graduate MFA in photography. Beginning with gaining knowledge of the fundamentals of processing and growing film, these applicationscirculate on to coverdigital photography, printing, video, and installation work. RISD additionally emphasizes the importance of know-how the social, cultural, and ancient context of the work students are making. This is finished through getting to know to “read” images, a practice of determining the messages implied by diverse artistic choices.

2. Tonydoo Visuals Photography Academy – Lagos, Nigeria

We are a Professional Photography Company based in Lagos, Nigeria that set the standard in the Professional Photography and Creative Industry in Nigeria in totality. We are the No 1 Wedding Photography Company in Nigeria as ranked on Google. We are also the Best Photography Training School in Nigeria. We are the go-to institute when it comes to Professional Photography Training in Nigeria. We technically certify people with global standard skill in Digital photography with globally recognized certifications. We ensure you get the best out of learning Professional Photography regardless of whether you are an amateur or a professional. You are at the right place to learn Professional Photography Training in Nigeria.

3. Parsons School of Design – New York City

Located in New York City—one of the best cities for artists to live in—Parsons School of Design is a highly acclaimed art and design school. Parsons uses an integrative curriculum, allowing students to participate in industry partnerships and study abroad options. The artistic hub of New York City acts as a backdrop for your studies, which includes field research throughout the city.

4. School of the Art Institute of Chicago

The pictures faculty at SAIC provides a complete education, coaching the history of photography as well as analyzing and discussing contemporary influences. Students will research a range of different styles and topics from practicing photographers, in addition to take part in collaborations with their peers. The application starts offevolved with simple photography fundamentals and conceptual thinking; more advanced classes encompass self-directed projects and private consultations with the photography instructors. The MFA program is extra intellectually rigorous, diving into important writing and regarding two public lectures presented by means of the pupil on their own work.

5. Vancouver Institute of Media Arts – United States

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, students can learn the whole thing approximately pictures and commercial enterprise capabilities in the Van Arts in depth one-12 months expert photography application. All guides are taught by actual running photographers, so you can learn valuable real-world photography business skills as well. The 12 months-long program is damaged up into 4 terms, starting with photography fundamentals. By the stop of your final term, the focus will be on rigorous commercial enterprise training, including advertising strategies, social media, and perfecting your images portfolio. Then you’ll finish the year with a portfolio critique by industry leaders. Added bonus: the rate of tuition includes a fully-loaded MacBook Pro.

6. Spéos – Paris, France

Unlike some of the alternative photography universities in this list, Spéos isn’t a degree-granting institution. However, students do get hold of diplomas from France’s National Commission for Professional Certification upon crowning glory of the software. Courses are supplied in English and French, and there are campuses in Paris and London, with options to complete a program in as little as 5 months. Students can select between analyzing a trendy expert pictures program or selecting a selected region of study. The intensive specialized application offers options for photojournalism, style pictures, and sports activities pictures.

7. National Institute of Design – India

The National Institute of Design is a pictures college in Gandhinagar, India. The Master of Design program lets in students to pick out from 19 disciplines, including images, design, movie and video communication, and a variety of different new media specializations. The NID focuses on how images is converting as era evolves, encouraging cross-disciplinary approaches. Along with offering the context of pictures throughout records to the existing and into the future, the NID gives international alternate programs within the UK, Germany, Bangladesh, Japan, and Canada.

Now that you’ve gotten inspired deliberating all the top notchpictures schools you can attend, get started on those applications. Remember to curate your portfolio carefully, so that capability schools simplest see the very best of what you can do. Fingers crossed you make it into the photography college of your dreams!

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